Torque 2015

The Science of making Torque from Wind 2014

The Science of Making Torque from Wind is one of the most important scientific wind energy conferences. This is the fifth time that this conference is organized, and the second time to be organized at the Technical University of Denmark. All papers are hosted by IOP.

The conference was co-organized together with the Center for Computational Wind Turbine Aerodynamics and Atmospheric Turbulence.

Dates: from 17 - 20 June 2014
Location: Technical University of Denmark, Anker Engelundsvej 1, 2800 Kgs. Lyngby, Copenhagen



Research funded  by the Center for Computational Wind Turbine Aerodynamics and Atmospheric Turbulence, presented at Torque 2014 Conference.




  Aerodynamic behaviour of NREL S826 airfoil at Re=100,000 H Sarlak, R Mikkelsen, S Sarmast and J N Sørensen     
A New Tip Correction Based on the Decambering Approach  J N Sørensen, K O Dag and N Ramos-García 
  Sudden distortion of turbulence at a forest edge  J Mann and E Dellwik 
  Validation of the Mann spectral tensor for offshore wind conditions at different atmospheric stabilities M de Maré and J Mann 
  Canopy structure effects on the wind at a complex forested site   L-É Boudreault, A Bechmann, N N Sørensen, A Sogachev and E Dellwik 
  Investigation of a new model accounting for rotors of finite tip-speed ratio in yaw or tilt  E Branlard, M Gaunaa and E Machefaux 
  Fully consistent CFD methods for incompressible flow computations  D K Kolmogorov, W Z Shen, N N Sørensen and J N Sørensen 
  Limit cases for rotor theories with Betz optimization  V Okulov 
  Inviscid double wake model for stalled airfoils  L Marion, N Ramos-García and J N Sørensen 
  Airfoil data sensitivity analysis for actuator disc simulations used in wind turbine applications  K Nilsson, S-P Breton, J N Sørensen and S Ivanell 
  A CFD code comparison of wind turbine wakes  M P van der Laan, R C Storey, N N Sørensen, S E Norris and J E Cater 
  Comparison of two LES codes for wind turbine wake studies  H Sarlak, F Pierella, R Mikkelsen and J N Sørensen 
  Determination of Wind Turbine Near-Wake Length Based on Stability Analysis   J N Sørensen, R Mikkelsen, S Sarmast, S Ivanell and D Henningson 
  Comparison of Engineering Wake Models with CFD Simulations  S J Andersen, J N Sørensen, S Ivanell and R F Mikkelsen 
  PIV and LDA measurements of the wake behind a wind turbine model  I V Naumov, R F Mikkelsen, V L Okulov and J N Sørensen 



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