EFMC10 2014

European Fluid Mechanics Conference September 2014 at DTU, DK

The 10th European Fluid Mechanics Conference has been held in Building 101, DTU Lyngby.
The European Fluid Mechanics Conference are run under auspices of the EUROMECH organization and cover all aspects of theoretical, experimental and computational fluid mechanics.

All topics in fluid mechanics are dealt with in the scientific program.

A number of mini-symposia was run in parallel to the scientific program including one with the topic: Wind Turbine aerodynamics; which was co-organized together with the Center for Computational Wind Turbine Aerodynamics and Atmospheric Turbulence.

Dates: from 14 - 18 September 2014
Location: Technical University of Denmark, Anker Engelundsvej 1, 2800 Kgs. Lyngby, Copenhagen


Research funded  by the Center for Computational Wind Turbine Aerodynamics and Atmospheric Turbulence, presented at EFMC10 Conference.




  Development and retrospect of classical rotor theories (historical review)  V. L. Okulov, J. N. Sørensen, G.A.M. van Kuik & D. Wood   
Large Eddy Simulations of large wind farms using a body force technique to estimate power production, fatigue loads and farm wakes S. Ivanell, K. Nilsson, S-P. Breton, J.N. Sørensen, O. Eriksson & S. Martinen
  Review of the State-of-Art in Wind Turbine Aerodynamics  J N Sørensen 



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