Center for Computational
Wind Turbine Aerodynamics 
and Atmospheric Turbulence



The objective of the project is to develop computational methodologies and physical models capable of coping with multiple scales and apply them to combined wind turbine aerodynamics and atmospheric physics problems.


This project is funded by Danish Council of Strategic Research
(DSF -contract: 09-067216)


Project Responsible:
Professor Jens N. Sørensen,
Department of Wind Energy,
Technical University of Denmark.
Duration of the Project: 01-01- 2010 to 31-12-2016


DTU Wind Energy


Database on Wind Characteristics

Feature article:
Aerodynamic Aspects of Wind Energy Conversion
by Prof. Jens N. Sørensen

Sponsored events or Co-coordinated by COMWIND:

The Science of Making Torque from Wind
June 2014 at DTU, DK

European Fluid Mechanics Conference
September 2014 at DTU, DK